The MKO series was created for molding soles, followed by processing the product with varnish or paint based on ethyl acetate and toluene.


These are the main brands for molding soles with medium (MKO-C) or high (MKO-T) fluidity.

  • Pour soles that are not inferior in quality to European ones. We use imported raw materials, the production is carried out on Italian equipment.
  • Give them any color. The material is beautifully painted.
  • It does not slip on and is frost-resistant, as there are elastomers in the formula.


Our new brand. The material is made exclusively from Russian materials.

  • Spill on any mold. The material has a very high fluidity.
  • Do not bear the extra costs. Production from domestic components reduces the cost, but not the quality of the material.


Shoe brand of thermoplastic elastomer, the main advantage of which is increased wear resistance.

  • Do it in good conscience. Special components in the composition increase the wear resistance of the material.
  • Let your products last a long time. The increased stickiness of the material will not allow the sole to fall off with active shoe wear.
  • The material is perfect for casting massive soles.